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The Beachwalk Natural Resources Group is made of up neighbors who have acted on several volunteer projects including the planting of native species of dune grasses and wildflowers and the removal of invasive species at Beachwalk common areas.

More recently, members of the group have been going through the public library archive of historic photos from Sheridan Beach (Stop 7 Beach) Beachwalk, and Michigan City's marina, port, and old downtown.

We have pulled together a collection of photos that remind us of the rich history and tradition of "life by the lake" in Michigan City and in Sheridan Beach over the last couple hundred years or so. Our vision is to begin with old photos but maybe widen the scope to present photos, or even photos of the 4 seasons, etc. The result will be to build a library of photos that tells the story of past and present of Beachwalk.

We believe that this project can bring value and meaning to Beachwalk as it looks at how we have used and enjoyed the lake and dunes over the last generations and contemplates our present and future use and enjoyment.

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