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Beachwalk Natural Resources Group                                                          AERC Meeting Minutes

Architectural and Ecological Review Committee (AERC) 

Prior written approval of the AERC is required before an Owner may:  Erect, construct, place, modify, or alter any improvement on his or her Lot; Clear, excavate, grade, or perform other site work on his or her Lot; Remove any tree more than 6" in diameter (measured at a point 4' above the base) from, or remove or install any landscaping from or on, his or her Lot; or Change the exterior color or materials of any improvement on his or her Lot.

The Homeowner should be aware of all Beachwalk Rules and Regulations; and Beachwalk Deed and Covenants Restrictions pertaining to the neighborhood in which your property resides AND the Beachwalk Ecological Covenants (Landscaping). The better understanding you have of these documents, the faster the approval process will go. (Click on each title to open link to document)

Once you have reviewed the above applicable documents download the application form that best fits your project: 

      The AERC meets monthly to review all pending applications.  Please ensure that your application is complete prior to submitting to the AERC for approval.  Incomplete applications will be returned and delay the review process.

Agreements and Contracts

If you are building a new home or improving an existing home which results in additional square footage or a change to the exterior view of your home, you may need the following documents, see appropriate application form:  (Click on title to open link to document)

      You are not alone in this process.  At any time you have a question you may reach out to:

      AERC Forum - for AERC committee members only.

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